Future Construction

Improvement District No. 2265

This is a major reconstruction project that will urbanize 9th Street NE from Main Avenue E. to 12th Avenue E. This also includes upgrading the railroad crossing, increasing storm water capacity, enhancing the sewer and water systems and improving the overall serviceability and safety of this important commercial corridor.  

The City was awarded state and federal funding through the NDDOT Urban Roads Program (URP) grant during the 2020 award cycle. This program covers up to 80% of eligible construction costs, depending on annual state and federal appropriations. 

After being selected for funding, the NDDOT added it to their Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) for the 2025 fiscal year. The project is tentatively scheduled to be bid by NDDOT in the fall of 2024 with construction starting in spring of 2025. 

The project is included in the Capital Improvement Plan with a rough cost estimate of $10.5 million. Funding sources are anticipated to be a combination of URP grant ($7.52 million), capital improvement sales tax, and special assessments.