The mission of the West Fargo Forestry Department is to promote and maintain a safe and healthy urban forest that enhances the visual appeal and environmental quality of the City of West Fargo. The West Fargo Forestry Department accomplishes this mission through public education to make the citizens aware of the great importance of tree planting and maintenance.

Tree Pruning & Maintenance

It is the duty of all persons, whether owners or tenants, to keep the shade trees along the public streets and avenues adjoining their property trimmed in such a manner that the trees shall not interfere with travel on streets, avenues and sidewalks. Tree limbs and branches must be pruned eight feet above sidewalks and fourteen feet above streets and alleys.

Boulevard Tree Removal Permit

Street trees are important assets of neighborhoods and commercial districts. Any tree that is located within the right-of-way is owned by the City of West Fargo. Adjacent property owners are responsible for the maintenance of those trees and the removal of those trees must be approved by the city. Please fill out the form below for approval of removing a right-of-way or boulevard tree.

The permit must be approved before any work can be done. City staff will inspect the tree prior to permit approval

Boulevard Tree Planting

Boulevard trees can planted by the property owners by following the steps:
  1. Obtain and submit a Tree Planting Permit
  2. The City will stake allowable locations for trees
  3. Plant the trees according to city specifications (see tree planting brochure)
  4. Notify the Forestry Department when the trees have been planted
The following regulations must be followed when planting a boulevard tree.

Placement of trees in the boulevard area must accommodate proper spacing's. They must be twelve feet from driveways and alleys. At intersections the trees must be placed forty feet from the point of intersection of curbs. A representative from the City of West Fargo must stake for this placement.

Trees must be at least 1 to 1 1/4 inches in diameter. The lowest branch on the tree cannot be over 9 to 9 1/2 feet above the ground.

Only tree species on the planting permit may be planted. Other species will be in violation of city ordinances.

North Dakota One Call Locators should be contacted to locate all underground utilities before you plant. They can be contacted at 800-795-0555.

Curbside Brush Recycling

Boulevard brush chipping services are available to citizens from May through October (weather permitting). For free disposal however, residents can also take branches to the Transfer Station at
1620 W Main Avenue
West Fargo, ND 58078

Stumps and roots should be placed out for garbage collection or hauled to the West Fargo Transfer Station. Please do not bundle branches or place branches into garbage cans. Tree limbs larger than 6 inches in diameter cannot be chipped.

This program is not intended to subsidize commercial tree services. City crews will not pick up any brush generated by commercial tree services. It is the responsibility of the property owner or the commercial tree service provider to haul the brush to the West Fargo Transfer station for disposal.

Diagnosis of Tree Diseases or Other Tree-Related Issues

If you are experiencing any tree problems or you have a question regarding your trees, please contact the West Fargo Forestry Department at 701-433-5400.

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