Downtown Mixed Use District

The City created a mixed-use zoning district to provide predictable development regulations that encourage an activated, walkable neighborhood. The Yards on Sheyenne, the resulting district, is the heart of West Fargo that offers an authentic and vibrant mix of business, living, and entertainment to bring people together.

The Yards is a destination for all ages that provides opportunities to gather in shared experiences, create memories, and grow community and business. The Yards provides a unique experience to live, work, connect, and collaborate on historic Sheyenne Street, in the heart of West Fargo.

To learn more about the current reconstruction project, visit this link.

Incentive Programs 

The Yards on Sheyenne's development has been supported through a TIF district and enterprise grants. They also partnered with EPIC Companies in a P3 agreement to pursue the development of Sheyenne Street into an active downtown. 

Public-Private Partnerships (P3 agreements)

  • EPIC Companies assembled land and demolished structures.
  • City purchased land from the developer for $2,340,000.
  • Developer entered a land lease of 49 years with the City, paying $4.03 million on each building for $8.06 million over the lease term
  • Developer constructed two buildings:
    • Sheyenne Plaza is now valued at $8.65 million, which is a 900% property value increase.
    • Pioneer Place is now valued at $8 million, which is a 900% property value increase.

Enterprise Grant

Businesses can apply for a grant that is 50% of their fit-up costs and receive up to $75,000. 

  • Successful applicants include Thunder Coffee, Ferguson Books & More, Birchwood Salon and Boutique.
  • $600,000 set aside from Economic Development Sales Tax
    • $170,000 spent to date
    • $430,000 still remaining

TIF District

  • 13-year TIF contributed $1 million to land acquisition and demolition
  • 2016 assessed value was $286,000 (not yet assessed for 2021 to compare values)


Sheyenne Plaza

  • Supported through a P3 Agreement between the City and EPIC Companies to build a 5-story, 124,000 square foot mixed-use building
  • Buildings were demolished in 2016 and Sheyenne Plaza opened in 2018
  • 22 residential units
  • 45,000 square feet of commercial space with only 249 square feet available
  • Commercial cost is $17 per square feet
  • Value of properties increased 900%
    • 2016 assessed value was $923,100
    • 2021 assessed value was $8.6 million
  • Businesses include VFW, Ohnstad Twichell law firm, Moore Engineering, photography business and counseling business

Pioneer Place

  • Supported through the P3 agreement
  • Buildings were demolished in 2018 and Pioneer Place opened in 2019 
  • 51 residential units
  • 13,000 square feet of commercial space built with 4,200 square feet still available
  • Commercial cost is $17 per square foot
  • Amenities include a community room and rooftop terrace
  • Value of properties increased 900%
    • 2016 assessed value was $851,300
    • 2021 assessed value is $7,865,800
  • Businesses – Thunder Coffee, Ferguson Books & More, Grateful Cratefuls, Birchwood Salon, D.A. Davidson

The Firm

  • Supported through a TIF district
  • Buildings were demolished in 2018 and The Firm opened in 2020
  • 26 rental residential units
  • 9,700 square feet of available commercial space 
  • The public space at The Firm includes a restroom facility with lockers and benches to serve as a warming house in the winter. 
  • Commercial cost per square foot is $17. 

Future Development

  • Potential sites are available on the east side of Sheyenne Street. Developers have shown interest and will likely begin plans in the next few years.
  • Alley Commons (formerly Berg Auto site
    • Estimated opening in 2024
    • Part of the same TIF district as The Firm 
    • Formerly an auto body shop
    • Site currently serving as a temporary parking lot to accommodate downtown business needs during the north Sheyenne Street Reconstruction project.

Community Amenities


  • Buildings were demolished in 2016 and the plaza opened in 2018 with Sheyenne Plaza
  • Funding for the 14,000 square foot plaza came from the VFW ($300,000), EPIC Companies ($50,000) and the Cit ($50,000)
  • Properties former value was $168,400
  • Features a stage, concrete table games, decorative light pillars with built-in speakers, outlets, ice rink in winter with adjacent warming house, community holiday display, portable PA sound system and turf.
  • Video board on Sheyenne Plaza used in the plaza used for sponsors, movies and NDUS Bison games
  • Managed and programmed by West Fargo Events
    • 22 events hosted this summer that included food trucks, movie nights, family fun nights and S.T.E.M. activities
    • Also hosted two private access events (class reunion and wedding)
    • Used by VFW often for events, including bean bag league
  • City maintenance cost is $60,000 per year


  • The Yards on Sheyenne is the site for the City of West Fargo's major events, including Cruise Nights, West Fargo Street Fair, and West Fest.
    • These events draw thousands of visitors to Sheyenne Street each year.
  • Color Fest was held this spring to celebrate the start of construction
    • Managed by City, invited local artists and public to paint street before it was torn up, using 80 gallons of paint
    • The event featured 3 artists painting murals with the public's help, local food and craft vendors, music and community sponsorship opportunities
    • The event had more than 300 attendees and was supported by a $1,500 grant from the state, $4,500 in private sponsorships, $1,700 from economic development sales tax, and $1,000 in vendor fees. 
  • Harvest Fest is an upcoming post-construction event from  2 to 5 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 30.
    • Hosted by The Yards Business Association.
    • Activities include horse-drawn wagon rides on Sheyenne Street, barrel-rides, petting zoo, hammerschlagen pumpkin smashing, photo booth, caramel apples and quilts for sale.