Sheyenne Street Infrastructure

Sheyenne Street Corridor Study

The Fargo-Moorhead Metropolitan Council of Governments conducted a corridor study to address issues with congestion and lack of walkability along Sheyenne Street. The study relied on community input to design the corridor and the resulting projects are nearing completion this fall with The Yards on Sheyenne reconstruction project.

Results of the study included:

  • Lighting was improved to meet NDDOT lighting standards
  • Additional sidewalks were installed
  • Curb ramps were made ADA compliant. 
  • Phase I study (south Sheyenne Street): Found that bottlenecks for traffic were at the I-94 interchange and intersection with 32nd Avenue W., which encouraged the construction the I-94 interchange improvement.
  • Phase II study (north Sheyenne Street): Suggested various traffic calming measures including bump-outs which were then incorporated into the Sheyenne Street reconstruction project. It also suggested improved pedestrian/bicycle paths and facilities.

Pedestrian Underpass

The south Sheyenne Street reconstruction coincided with the initial construction at The Lights on Sheyenne. The City added a pedestrian underpass to improve safety at the six-lane intersection of Sheyenne Street and 32nd Avenue W. The tunnel includes mirroring, security cameras and lighting to enhance the access and connectivity to The Lights and the surrounding area.