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West Fargo Police Department
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West Fargo, ND 58078
701-433-5508 (Fax)

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 West Fargo Police Employee History

Over many years, men and women have served the City of West Fargo to protect its citizens.  The lists below are a tribute to those who have completed their service and those who continue today.  These facts are to the best of our knowledge of names and dates.

Name Dates Employed Duties Notes
detail Andrew Walburg 1937 Constable, Part time Deceased
detail Cliff Berlin 1938-Unknown Constable Deceased
detail Lloyd "Smokey" Stensrud 1959-1966 Chief of Police First Chief of Police, Deceased
detail Lester Lindblad 1959-1973 Patrol, Chief of Police in 1966 Deceased
detail Roger Whitehead 1966-1981 Sergeant Deceased
detail Thor Anderson 1967-1968 Patrol
detail Carl Paulson 1967-1969 Dispatcher Deceased
detail Lloyd "Skinney" Bruger 1968-1969 Dispatcher Deceased
detail David Bruckner 1968-2005 Patrol, Acting Chief 1994-95, Captain Deceased
detail Phillip Roquette 1968-2009 Dispatcher, Chief Dispatcher, Poice Clerk Retired
detail Donald Cravier 1969-1972 Patrol
detail Helen Crawford 1969-1986 Dispatcher, Patrol Officer, Office Manager Retired
detail Lars Birkland 1970-Unknown Dispatcher unknown dates, Deceased
detail Julies "Sarge" Loseth 1970-Unknown Dispatcher unknown dates, Deceased
detail Rita Kylo 1970-Unknown Dispatcher unknown dates
detail Doris Kostman 1970-Unknown Dispatcher unknown dates
detail Jeri Ecklund 1970-Unknown Dispatcher unknown dates, Deceased
detail Bernie Hanson 1971-1973 Patrol
detail Carlton Johnson 1971-1973 Patrol
detail Ruby Stensrud 1971-1973 Dispatcher Deceased
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