Sheyenne Street and Seventh Avenue W. Intersection

About this Project:

The purpose of this proposed project is to improve safety and functionality of the intersection at Sheyenne Street and Seventh Avenue W., as well as creating a "gateway to downtown West Fargo." This gateway will calm traffic, increasing safety for both pedestrians and vehicles while providing an aesthetic feature entering the downtown area. The project was identified due to continued crash susceptibility, along with long and unsafe pedestrian crosswalks.

Additionally, mixed use developments continue to occur along the corridor, and this project will help address the social demands and better accommodate economic development in this area.

Additional information related to this corridor can be found in the approved Downtown Sheyenne Street Corridor Study.

Improvements will potentially involve upgrading water main and storm sewer, concrete pavement, curb and gutter, street lights, sidewalks, multi-use paths, vehicular or pedestrian signals, signing and striping, landscaping and other miscellaneous installations.

This project is currently in the planning stages.

Estimated Project Costs: $1,166,525

Bidding tentatively scheduled for 2018.