Eighth Ave. NW and 26th St. NW Paving - District No. 2240

About the Project

This multi-phase project involves utilities, a storm water retention pond, and paving. The project will include paving of Eighth Avenue NW from Ninth Street W. to 26th Street NW, as well as the reconstruction and paving of 26th Street NW from Eighth Avenue W. to First Avenue NW. 

Estimated Construction Costs

  • $3.1 million

Project Schedule

  • Begin Date: October 2017
  • End Date: October 2018
  • Project Complete: 99%

Road Closures

26th Street NW paving
  • Eighth Avenue W. open to local traffic only
  • 26th Avenue NW closed from Fourth Ave. NW to Eighth Ave. NW until Oct. 3

Completed Work

  • All underground utilities
  • West Fargo Fifth Addition
  • Embankment
  • Lift forcemain
  • Ponds pumped
  • Gravel shoulders
  • Dirt work
  • Seeding
  • Streetlights

Current Work

  • Concrete paving on main stretch of road

Upcoming Work

  • Asphalt paving within railroad track area
  • Waiting on 404 and 408 permit for outfall installation
  • Stabilization
  • Final details